alexWe recently had a custom order for the Alex Bed with a twist, a cage underneath the bed. This was one of my first bed designs and to see it come back to life with some added functionality is great. True to form the customers have spoken and as soon as we uploaded pictures of the upgraded design, orders started flying out the door for this bed in bigger sizes. We are making a lot of these beds and have orders for many more.

This is a great gothic design and now you have the ability to keep your play partner underneath you where they belong. Close the cage,  lock the door and enjoy a night of sleep above your subby Or enjoy some play with a friend while your slave feels the vibrations of whats going on above. Did someone say cuckold? In any case whatever your particular use for this exciting design is,  you can be sure you will have many nights of exciting fun. Remember, you are not limited by the designs you see. You can always add to or create a custom design!

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